08 februari 2022

The Night

 Losing the masks.

The Night entered the room.
She said; "are you ready to enter where only I can go?"
I nodded yes. She took me to a place where darkness is so dark that only Night can see.
Sit down here Boy she said. I did.
This is the place where you can cry so intensely that it will make your soul clear.
I saw no reason to cry. But Night was so close to me, held me to her breast so tight.
Every breath I took brought tears to my eyes.
I started crying, unwillingly at first, but then it came and amplified.
I cried my head off, my body fell apart. I saw my arms and legs disappear in the flow of tears.
My body vanished, what was left of me was nothing more than just a tear.
Night grabbed me tight again. Throw off the masks she said.
I will expose you to the light once more,
with all your protection gone, nude in plain sight for all the world to see!
Okay, I said.
She turned on the light, I was back home again.
Pure of soul and alright with myself.

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