Het Jaarwiel Panorama Project

The Yearwheel Project

The four Seasons and Elements

A 360 degree collage panorama

Inspired by Celtic Lore, Germanic Tales en Nordic Sagas, all from the same period in time we started this collage project. It is based on the Yearwheel, a cyclic happening of seasons that connect to the four directions, the four elements and the cosmic events as the equinoxes as well as the shortest and longest day of the year. These are annual events and from the beginning of time these events have be celebrated.
Christianity took and converted a lot of these celebrations and stories for their own use, whether or not they would be accompanied by biblical texts.
Hereby I am trying to restore of the old Lore. The visual part has been a subconcious journey with the old stories in the back of my mind. So the film may have issues that are hard to understand.
We are now working on the book that will give you more insight of the powers that are behind these revalations.

For now, here is the video. No sound or music yet.

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