08 februari 2022

I won't kneel and beg for your approval.

 Nope, I am on my way to claim my place.

The horizon seems to get closer.
Stories are told and written down.
Pictures are made to clarify the stories.
Yes, more stories are coming.
But still, I can't help looking over the horizon.
I can see the path that lies ahead.
Don't worry, I am not yet ready to walk the walk.
But when the last story is told,
I will leave my legacy for what it's worth.
I won't bow nor kneel in prayer,
pleading with the Gods to pave my way to salvation.
I am so done with Prophets and Saviours.
All those blissful lies that chain you.
Churches filled with child abusers,
Mosques are ruled by woman-haters.
I am so done with all your sweet-talking foul mouths.
So sick of politicians spreading hate and fear.
I am so done with all the stupid opinions
that go no further than your own concerns.
When the day comes,
My body and spirit will part.
My spirit will walk the path.
But know now,
I will refuse to stay in the chain of lives,
I won't be reborn again!
I have done my share.
I look up to my ancestors,
knowing the struggles they went through,
to get us here.
I look up to the Spirits,
that have been so violated by us humans.
I look up to the Gods,
I am coming to claim my place.
At peace with the Kindred Three, I am.
I will sing the sacred Runes,
To fill my lungs with Air.
I will sing the sacred Runes,
to fill my heart with Fire.
I will sing the sacred Runes,
to Water my thirsty mouth.
I will sing the sacred Runes,
to assure a firm step on the Earth.
I will sing powerful runes to my left arm,
to shield off the illusions along the way.
I will sing powerful runes to my right arm,
so my shining axe will cleave any obstruction.
I am not asking for directions,
I'll find my way.
Through dense forests, haunted places,
swamps, barren shores,
all the way up to the Iced Mountain,
into the freezing clouds,
to the top where your Palace is.
Gray Wanderer,
never in this lifetime have I asked the Gods a favour.
I solved or suffered my personal problems myself.
But now I am standing
on the doorstep of your Golden Gate.
I am blowing the horn
to announce myself.
Here I am with only one request,
Look me in the eye,
so you can recognize the real me,
let me in!
And, with all respect, if you choose
to ignore the call of the horn,
and the knock on the door,
I will piss on your precious Golden Gate,
wet the golden doorstep and settle me
in the middle of Bifrost.
I will be the one to awaken Heimdal
when Ragnarok comes.
I will be first in line to fight the Giants,
and when at last you come to start the
Final Battle you'll stand over my lost soul,
filled with sorrow you don't know me
while you finally die.
And yet,
I will sing the sacred Runes
to empower the New Earth,
without any Gods, Prophets or Saviours.
And I will sing a newly invented Rune
to banish any kind of politician.

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