22 februari 2022


 Babel is nog steeds actueel. Spraakverwarring, conflicterende belangen en angst voor vreemdelingen.

Lately, I cry a lot.
That's why I like to be alone.
I don't want you into my world.
It's a world of mayhem and distress.
It's no place for you.
It's not a children's place.
It's not an educator's place.
It's not even a livable place.
It's not even a sharable place.
Yet it exists. And we all participate.
Yes, it is our world.
The world where we allow random people to be shot.
Bombarded, shut off from all essential necessities,
we send them cookies and mattresses,
instead of planes and guns.
Why don't we launch a full-scale counterattack?
Because then the Oligarchs and
Western Top Entrepreneurs would lose all their worth. 
We allow the Big Mouth to Black Mail us,
with his weapons of Mass Destruction.
When he played that card,
will He survive?
In the mean time,
it's all talk, talk, talk.
Trying to find a way to save the money of the Mighty.
Lately, I cry a lot.
That's why I like to be alone.
But it's an illusion,
It's your world too!

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