26 februari 2022

Regen Seizoen

 Whales to the rescue of the Amazon Tree people.

Winter entered the barren forest. 
Through the empty forest echoed the deep melodious sounds of a whalesong. 
The whales witnessed the trees losing their leaves and preparing for hibernation. The whales assembled here to set course for High Brasil where the tree people were revolting against the Amazonian Forresters, 
an obscure tree hating sekt. 
Responding to the distress call of the tree people the whales would try to rescue as many of them as they possibly could. By the time they would return to the forest it should be almost summer and the forest should be ready to receive and shelter them. 
The melodious whalesongs vanished from the forest and silence overtook the frozen wood. 
But deep down in the earth, emerging from their roots, you could hear the trees softly giggle. 
What a summer sale they would have in the coming year! 
Yes, they would all going to be rich, selling their exotic relatives to the Dutch Gardeners.

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