01 november 2018

Het Jaarboek van de Nederlandse Collagisten is verkrijgbaar !

Dutch Collagists Volume I

Dutch Collagists is a selection of Dutch collage artists. They use a great variety of techniques and styles and they probably represent contemporary Dutch collage design.

Not the first book about collage art in the world and definitely not the last to be published, but a meaningful document about the collage world.
Collage seems to be the changeling in art, but always has been and still is a beloved technique for a lot of different kind of artists, like : Hannah Höch, Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann, Man Ray, Eileen Agar, Joseph Cornell, Nancy Spero, John Stezaker, Wangechi Mutu, Eugenia Loli.
And in the Lowlands: Paul Joosten, Danny Matthys, Ad Snijders, Annie Abrahams and Saskia Olde Wolbers. To name a few..
There is a great variety in collage art. Collage artists differentiate themselves by big movements like Cubism, Dadaïsm, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop-Art, Mail-Art, Fluxus, but also by technique. There are many forms, from cubomania, photo montage, digital collage, collages in wood, collages in paintings, découpage, 3D-collage, Mosaic, e-Collage, to Assemblage and Altered Books. Whatever material you think of, Collage Art is fitting.
When I participated the Collagistas Festival in Eindhoven, in 2016, I was struck by the warmth and the involvement of everybody, the willingness to exchange knowledge and to coöperate.
Without having to ask for it, people were giving out tips, material and invitations to work together. Around the world there are Collage Clubs, organising special events for members and non-members. They organise playful competitions and exhibitions.
Individual collage makers call out for colleagues to participate in Mail-Art projects, flying or traveling books. And ofcourse, there are calls, worldwide, for group exhibitions, festivals and collector’s books.
Especially this typical feature of collagists, the habit of starting coöperations, has led to the realisation of this book ‘Dutch Collagist #1’.
When Max van Eck placed a call on the Facebook page of the Dutch Collagists, february 2017, the applications kept pouring in.
Workgroups arose, information was gathered, demands were drafted, deadlines were broken through and new deadlines were arranged, last calls repeated themselves and finally, even more artists applied.
In this book, Belgium and Dutch collage artists present themselves. They tell us about what moves them, what inspires them and what techniques they use.
I am convinced that you will be surprised. You will be dragged along in the rollercoaster of the collage art of the Lowlands and at the end of the book you will be gasping for breath.

My name is Ro-Nalt Schrauwen and I welcome you on behalf of the participating Dutch Collagists.


Clemens van Meurs
Tinca Veerman
Mi-Lou Beugeling
Maarten van der Horst
Jonaske de Ruiter
Betty Klaasse
Helene de Winter
Greet Weitenberg
Juliette Pestel
Pascal Verzijl
Dutch Polaroidgirl
Ro-Nalt Schrauwen
Sophie van Homwegen
Yonda Poslavsky
Helena Zanting
Dorothee Mesander
Max van Eck
Isabelle Zumbrink
Marjon Velsink
Anne-Marie van Eck
Ingeborg 'Helena' van Stiphout
Dénis den Daas

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