14 januari 2020

Yakusi Sisters

Green tea and Whale hunting

Wonderfull tea sipping killerwomen or just a culture clash ?

The Yakuza sisters were having their traditional green tea.
Yes, it took forever to brew this green shit, not to mention the serving and nipping and...
Well, anyway when they were done the storm season had passed and the tree people were launching their home build whales to set sail for the promised land.
The Yakuza sisters knew that this was the time to start the big hunt.
They were pissed that they had to hurry their tea-ceremony and this anger was taken to the hunt.
They embarked on their fast and furious gunships and started the pursuit of the heavily loaded whale ships. Meanwhile, a shanty choir was singing "Shiver me timbers" which was nerve-wracking the tree people. 


Vrij simpele collage, relatief grote uitgescheurde delen samengevoegd. Klein beetje met filter nabewerkt in Photoshop.



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